Spray Tan FAQs

How long does a spray tan service take?
The service itself takes approximately 5 minutes. We set aside 15 minutes total to account for removal of clothing and drying time.

Is there anything I can do beforehand to help the tan last longer? 
Proper skin exfoliation before your service will help prevent splotches.

Are there shades to choose from?
We offer medium and dark shades.

How long do I need to wait before showering?
We recommend waiting 6 hours before showering.

Will it stain my clothing?
Any residual product on your clothing should wash out.

Does the color look natural?
The tanning product we use has a green base which prevents the orange look that most prefer to avoid. After your spray tan, you will leave here with a natural, healthy glow.

How long will the tan last? 
1-2 weeks. The more moisturized you keep your skin, the longer your tan will last.

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